1. Directory Job Description

Building job descriptions, identifying selection, recruitment, training, development, job evaluation and other HR processes.

2. Human resources need assessment plan

In order for organizations to achieve the objectives for which they were established, all necessary resources, including finance, human resources and equipment, must be made available. Human resources are among the most important resources. Through this process, the exact human resource requirements of each organizational unit are determined in accordance with the actual workload in order to rationalize human resources costs while maintaining the level of performance targeted by the organization.

3. Plan career paths

The Trajectory Plan aims to create opportunities for employee career development that helps align organizational objectives with staff objectives by providing future talent needs for the work of the organization and helps the organization to keep employees from job leakage and helps attract and attract young employees at the beginning of the ladder Due to the availability of career development opportunities within the organization, thereby saving the costs of career turnover and attracting the necessary talent for the work of the organization.

4. Identification of training needs

To identify the training needs in order to fill the gaps between the expected performance and the actual performance. The documented data are based on the actual functions and duties of the employees, the abilities and skills required for them from the job description of their jobs, the opinions of the direct supervisors, and accurate in order to identify the training needs of staff.

5. Training plan

Develop strategic training plans that include all employees at different levels of career. Through the results of identifying training needs.

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