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Data installation

Facility Name






Legal entity

Date of establishment of the organization

Products / Services Establishment

Number of administrative staff

Number of workers and technicians

Does the establishment have branches inside or outside the Kingdom?

Where are these branches located?

Are there warehouses / warehouses?

Please attach a copy of the Commercial Registration

Please attach a picture of the organizational structure

Director's data

Name of the Director "to send the technical and financial offer by his name"

Job title

Mobile Manager



Name of project follow-up officer


cell phone


Questions to answer

Is there a strategic plan?

Is there a strategic plan?

Is there an approved organizational structure for the facility?

Is there a policy and procedure guide?

Are there systems to manage and evaluate performance?

Is there a manual card description?

Is there an approved regulation of internal work organization?

Has the organization been qualified for an ISO specification?

Is there a marketing plan?

Are there programs and electronic systems at work such as ERP programs

Does the entity have human resources management?

Consultations required

What are the most important problems facing the organization today?

Please specify the required management advice

How did you know about IBCOT for Management Consultancy in Riyadh?