• The dynamics of institutional work and the ability to adapt and develop are no longer the most important criteria of competitiveness and excellence of organizations, but in light of the continuous changes in the business environment and the race of technological development has become one of the main pillars to ensure the continuity of organizations and their success. This requires building the business according to flexible models able to monitor Variables and analysis and interaction with them through a procedural and organizational structure accurate and disciplined able to enhance the status of the community and the competitive position of the organization.

    The global movement towards market openness and integration has contributed to the high level of transparency and public awareness, the development of regulatory tools and the promotion of quality standards and institutional excellence coupled with the increasing complexity of the economic and financial structure of markets and organizations. As a direct result, the requirements for achieving excellence, entrepreneurship and the need for knowledge and professional expertise, which are capable of developing future visions, providing practical solutions and developing work methods that are compatible with the identity, culture and characteristics of each organization, have evolved.

    With the development of theories and methodologies that have contributed effectively to the development of administrative and economic thought, the legacy of human experience has continued to support the strength, refinement and weight of entrepreneurial intuition messages through proper study, use of appropriate tools and planning to act in a manner consistent with the size of risk and providing success factors to reach goals no matter what Difficulty and avoid unnecessary risks.

    Through its local and international presence, IBCOT is keen to communicate directly with its customers, experts and support and facilitate follow-up of joint projects.

    IBCOT continues to believe that constructive competition contributes to the achievement of corporate and community excellence and is a catalyst for further success with its customers. 


    Chef Executive Officer 

    Consultant: Fahad Omair Al-Qahtani

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